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Ghillie Suits

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yea, post your ghillie here!!
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Thanks, it seemed easy to get my hands on in the fabric store so i got a ton of it. I am also adding some spliced jute and burlap strands. Along with fake leaves, and i was very succesful using the grass from hoola skirts.
Here's my newest ghillie suit,I just got this one a few weeks ago and I also wrapped up my MK96

Now all I need is a snow ghillie for this winter
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If you want to rifle rag your ghillie for the winter, I suggest just taking a white towel and wrapping it around the barrel and a white wash rag and putting that around the scope, then take a knife and fringe it so it looks all stringy, snow will collect in it if you keep your rifle steady for a while and it will look amazing.
for the snow, which we have a lot of here in colorado, i use some white fabric that i bought at walmart and cut into strips, which i wrap around my rifle, and then use sub zero cold weather gear for concelement.
SICK pics guys
first pic took me forever to actually find you! (PIC ON FIRST PAGE)

Just wondering where's a great place to get a ghillie suits or did you all just make your own.

I saw one on airsplat that looked decent for $115 and was wondering if anybody got that one?
airsplat SUCKS MY BALLS!!! just make your own though...
I just remembered this thread, and I know I got a lot of pictures taken of me and Livonia at Aurora, so here is some:

Just guarding our city.

Livonia and I planning our next move:

Me on the left, Livonia right:

Me on right, Livonia on left:

Same thing, this is my favorite one:
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The problem with that camo is it still appears flat, you need to have lairs, because it breaks up your human structure. I'm sure with you wrapped in it it would be hard to see you, but if you wore it just like the hunting camo then I'd still pick you out a mile away. Because I do a lot of sniper hunting, the simplist thing that makes my job just so much easier is just the simple fact that no one bothers to put vegitation on themselves or their guns and no one bothers to wear a ghillie suit. For the snipers that do, I know that they actually take their job in airsoft seriously, and it makes mine more challenging.

I'd suggest if you have a Wal Mart or a Meijer around you (I think Meijer is a Michigan only store?) they have the exact same ghillie suit I use for only $80. It works amazing for upright stalks as well as low crawls and it's not a solid piece underneath the jute, it's just a breathable mesh. So it's not insanely hot inside it.
Did you cut off the mesh layer that covers your face mosin? I have the same ghillie, and when I used to use it, the biggest problem was keeping the boonie high enough up on my head to keep a clear line of sight.
thanks bro i havent put any stuff in yet. so it will be better plus i thijnk im goiing to make it into a phonco or somingthing like that
I don't even wear it, I bought a MARPAT boonie hat and about 3lbs of burlap, I stripped it all down and then I just tied in the nessicary amount into my hat, after I did that just rubbing it on the ground in a woodland envirnment helps to break it down and makes it almost look "poofy". But after you do all that it's pretty much one of the best camo things I've done. I'm probably going to tie some burlap into my ghillie as well, just so it's not such a stringy feel.
Im fairly sure i have the same ghille as mosin and it works great.
dude, pr00fofheadshot post a pick of your current gilley, cause you said it was home made. do some like before and after shots! that would be sick
ill try i am trying to fix it beacuse string unraveld(thats what i get for going cheap.!) so it will be a mintute

alright i finally found it on google!! Chart_LG.jpg
(4 differt ones for you more coming if i find them on google)
(this is my suit but friend is useing(we both got shot cause of gay carmera man!))
(me and friend on ridge line op)
(i bought this one cause it was on sale it bad)
(me and friend)

i think you need to copy patse the sites on


most of these made it on to some site

oh and soontobesniper what terrian does trevor use?
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Gilley? The proper spelling of that is Ghillie. But to be on topic, I just took out majority of that Burlap on my boonie hat and I added jute threads to it, so it looks a little more woodland like. I'll post pictures up with my new stuff as soon as I snap a picture.
sorry for the misspelling. by the way Trev and i both live in a very woodland area. Its wet alot and therefore there are literally 1000 different kinds of trees and many different shades of green. some moss here and there even, and a few browns, but a lot of wood and sticks ferns and dirt on the ground. jute thread would probably be the best with some homemade stick looking things to put on the top.

ha! homemade stick things? ya that would probably be the best, but definitely lots of greens.
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