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Ghillie vest

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How do you guys incorporate a vest into your ghillie?
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I usually just roll with some pouches on my belt. However, if you were to go with a vest, I would button the first button on the bottom and the top of the jacket.. That way your ghillie (which I am guessing is jute/burlap tied on a jacket) will not flap around but you still can reach into the jacket to the vest to pull some mags out of each pouch.

With that said, the vest would be inside the ghillie jacket, but with the middle area unbottoned, getting mags, radios, etc. out will be fairly easy.
I only use a vest when I'm wearing my BDUs (only when its hot) otherwise I use a molle belt.
I will run with my camel back under my ghillie. I will have a few pouches on the straps so I can get at my radio and stuff. I usually don't wear the pants so I wear my BDU bottoms, and then have a drop leg with my mags, map, and other gear needed for the day.

I will also have a drop leg for my pistol on my right leg. Don't need much in the field.

For long games, I just put extra ammo and granola bars in the camel back, where the bladder is.
woogie said:
I usually don't wear the pants.
Only for tough guys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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