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Well im a sniper who is just starting out. From what I have read on the forums so far I find that if I want to be better hidden, im going to need to buy/make a ghille suit. My land consists of alot of open land, alot of wooded land (with and without vegetation in some parts), and we also have some barns (hay barns, etc.) that we have used before. Now, as I said some of our woodland is really brown, always has been, and some of our woodland has vegetation in it (we havent yet played there -.-). Our fields are just so open, that you can see everything out there. Grass is starting to grow again out there but its very short. Now, im not entirely sure how I should make my ghille. Help me out guys?
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I just made a thread about this two hours ago:

In the beginning, it talks about how to choose your ghillie. Hopefully, that helps. There are also other questions to consider when making a ghillie, besides what the environment looks like. How do you plan on using the ghillie? Stalking, in prone, etc.

There are many different types of ghillies, and depending on your play style, one may be a better choice than another.
Well I want to use the ghille to stay hidden mostly, I plan on using it to stalk my friends and making them paranoid while on the field.
Well I want to use the ghille to stay hidden mostly,
Well ghillies are obviously used to help conceal the sniper. ::)

I suggest you read my thread to give you an idea of what you could do with making your ghillie. The top portion of my thread is what you should focus on for now.
Ok thanks for the info fuzzy.
Do you really need a ghillie?

I find it a lot easier to do my "hunting" without my ghillie on, on some fields. If you have a lot of cover and places to move you shouldn't really need a ghillie.

But I do also play on a few fields that have a lot of open areas. For these fields I love my ghillies, as they make it easy for me to crawl through the open areas to my objective.

It really depends on your area, and style of play.
If you like to move quikly, I would look at getting spooky-flage. I have a suit I got from Spec Ops paintball, yes when I paintballed, that is cammo netting over a football type jersey. It is very light weight and works like a charm.
How accurate is your rifle? Along with the range? And finally how many people do you play with?

When I play just with my friends (~10 people) I dont use a ghillie. The games move so fast I would look like a walking bush.

If you do more milsim where you are stalking a specific target or are playing for a couple of days it would be useful.

Depends all on your situation and game style.
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