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Ghost recon Alpha

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Youtube has a 28 minute teaser for the movie right now! I just finished watching it and its awesome!!!!

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Such an awesome video! I'd love for it to be a series, not just a movie.
Yeah, this is pretty amazing stuff. Really cool way to integrate all of the Ghost Recon ideas.
I just left family video and I saw the movie on dvd, it said it was only 55 minutes though so thats sorta strange. Might get it next time I'm in there if I have the $$. They had their movie sale today and also tomorrow and so many movies are so cheap. The ole lady got a bunch of movies and told me to grab whatever I wanted but I didnt. I dont feel like hearing her complain in a few days how shes low on money and me have new sweet movies,lol.. no thanks, I would feel kinda crappy! So maybe after I sell my goodies and see whatevers left I may grab it. The teaser made me wanna get out some of my gear and rifles though!
I think I pooped a little when I saw this.
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So there's the rest of the story on DVD..?
I'll look to download it...

I Dled this a few weeks ago, and have been unable to see it in one sitting yet (father of three, you figure it out- I've seen it in 1 and 2 minute pieces)... but it looked like a high dollar production for sure. I am completely HOOKED on the game, too. If any of you are on PSN, my id is revenantdsm. :)
I saw the dvd at family video yesterday, it said it was only 55 minutes long though. I wanted to rent it but need to save my $ so I can get the stuff I need. I hope its sweet all the way through! I love the games too.. Rented the furture soldier last week and was hooked!! And I am on psn, I am Ranger4688
Nothing compares to the original GR series on PC baby!
I havent played many pc games except Duke nukem, Tomb Raider and Doom,lol.. but dude, that was many many many years ago! Like maybe 15 years. I never had a fast enough pc for gaming. By the way buddy, good for you for calling it a PC and not a dang "Puter or Comp" hahahaha... I hate when I see people try to abbreviate or shorten words like computer! + 2 for you :tup: :tup:
Its a good movie but it demonstrates in my opinion, the downward spiral of ghost recon from realistic tactical shooter to mainstream gun and run shooter. I still play the original ghost recon's over the new ones.
While I agree with the gameplay aspect having changed drastically (remember, I'm old.. I remember OLD games too! LOL!)- I really enjoy the new one. The graphics are top notch, the cinematics are for once integrated beautifully, and it strikes a decent balance between epic scale moments and connecting with the characters to some degree- something sorely lacking in most shooters of this generation, honestly. COD MW series is especially guilty of this even thought the original MW had a solid storyline and plot- then it tried to out do itself everytime, with ridiculous results.

Just an opinion. I do wish they made a modern version of the Rainbow 6 series, those were fun too!!!!
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