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Glad to be back

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Hello everyone, some of the members from the last forum may recognize me as "Scourge" but its taken me a while to make a account on this forum so i figured i should!
Where i reside: Near Indianapolis Indiana

What I'm shooting (Primary): Modified UTG Master Sniper (new spring, guide, ect.) CA heavily modified M15A4 with M203 and heat guard (Tightbore, all upgraded gearbox, motor, ect.) For CQB i run a JG stubby M4 with external modifications, and many broken guns unfortunately :nuts:

What I'm shooting (Secondary): WE single STACK 1911 with real steel Pachmyr grips and slide and mag modifications for gas reduction, and KWC mini uzi :yup:

Camo: Store bought Ghillie suit unfortunately..As far as store bought comes its a good one, but not comparable to a made and customizable one. Full Marpat BDU's and odd Vietnam era BDU's i got from a friend.

Details about me: I am a sophmore in high school, i play football as a wide receiver, basketball, and run track. I enjoy dirtbike racing (very big around here) Going to MilSims with friends. Being outside and suiting up for a big day of playing army, and proving myself as a mature eager airsoft player regardless of age! I have been going to large operations around here (which is considered 80+ people for reference) since i was 12. I love the sport and havent been able to play much as of lately..With how life was i had two options, drop it alltogether and sell my guns and everything with them, or come back headstrong, i chose the later :yup: I am usually more of a lurker on forums and like too stay out of drama and such, but will occasionally speak my mind or throw myself in the mix when i find myself helpful!
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Welcome back!
Welcome back ... You could ask the Admin to bring back your old account!

Thanks everyone! And would that be possible to bring the old one back? If so that would be great.
Yes you can... Ask the Admin to reset your password . Only Admin can do it.

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