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Hello everyone, some of the members from the last forum may recognize me as "Scourge" but its taken me a while to make a account on this forum so i figured i should!
Where i reside: Near Indianapolis Indiana

What I'm shooting (Primary): Modified UTG Master Sniper (new spring, guide, ect.) CA heavily modified M15A4 with M203 and heat guard (Tightbore, all upgraded gearbox, motor, ect.) For CQB i run a JG stubby M4 with external modifications, and many broken guns unfortunately :nuts:

What I'm shooting (Secondary): WE single STACK 1911 with real steel Pachmyr grips and slide and mag modifications for gas reduction, and KWC mini uzi :yup:

Camo: Store bought Ghillie suit unfortunately..As far as store bought comes its a good one, but not comparable to a made and customizable one. Full Marpat BDU's and odd Vietnam era BDU's i got from a friend.

Details about me: I am a sophmore in high school, i play football as a wide receiver, basketball, and run track. I enjoy dirtbike racing (very big around here) Going to MilSims with friends. Being outside and suiting up for a big day of playing army, and proving myself as a mature eager airsoft player regardless of age! I have been going to large operations around here (which is considered 80+ people for reference) since i was 12. I love the sport and havent been able to play much as of lately..With how life was i had two options, drop it alltogether and sell my guns and everything with them, or come back headstrong, i chose the later :yup: I am usually more of a lurker on forums and like too stay out of drama and such, but will occasionally speak my mind or throw myself in the mix when i find myself helpful!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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