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Glad to say hello!

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Hello fellow snipers, my name is Scourge and i am glad to finally join this forum. I have been reviewing this forum's content for a little over a year now and since i have started the sniping route decided to join! There is something i must get off my chest before i join this forum, i used to be a anti-sniper all the way. As in nobody needs to tell me the "why sniping is not for you" speach because i spent three years giving it. Soon after attending 8 milsim games and many scirmishes i have seen there great usage, if played correctly, as a sniper. There are very few snipers in my area and even fewer that play it correctly, but i have the determination to become one of the best in my region. I feel like i know many of you because of reading your work for so long and i can already tell i am in great company, everyone seems to know what they are doing here and i have not seen much fighting or inmature content, so im just proud to be a part of such a great organization!

Weapons: Full custom WE 1911, CA M15A4 w/M203, UTG "master sniper" I know what your are thinking, crap. Haha i think the same, currently saving for new one or upgrading further into it, but im starting to think its a hopeless cause. Dboys SCAR, and many broken/ crappy guns.

Time Currently Spent Living The Airsoft Lifestyle: Almost 5 years.

Camoflage/Ghillie: Marpat for regular and for sniping i got from my friends grandpa who was in Vietnam, i still havent found a name for it though, but it blends in beautifully. As for a ghillie im saving up to be one from a friend who was in the military and has a very nice ghillie he wants to sell to me, then one day make my own if that one fails my needs.

Favorite Sniping Memory: It was a large scale milsim and i had just picked up my sniper too see what kind of damage i could do, so i stalked around for a while and just listened, and i heard the sound of a heavy machine gun burning through BB's like nobody's business. I looked through my scope to see a large squad of my men hunching behind a log trying not to get killed. I ran up to them and asked what they had seen so i could try to help. They didnt as much look at my sniper rifle before they pushed my offer off, i then ran off and made a large swing around the field where i could get a clear shot off on the gunner. So as i creaped up on him at about 150 feet i stopped and layed down so he wouldn't get a look at me, so i held my breath and popped the shot, i watched as it flew though the air, past frequent trees, and hit him right in the mask. The guy was such a sport he yelled "NICE SHOT!" and my team stuck behind the log (excpept for a couple downers who didnt care if they would've stayed there all day) yelled and cheered for me. Thanks for your time~Scourge
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Thanks everyone, and my M16 is quite nice but it doesn't really fit the sniper rifle role.
Thank you! Glad to be here
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