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Glock Soltuion Guide (may work for other GBB)

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Hey guys just thought I would share my knowledge of my GBB to help out anyone else who may have been in the same boat when I got mine. This guide might work for other GBB but use at your own caution.

In short there are three major fixes that solved most of my jamming and major gas leaks.

1:Rocket valve fix
2:Spring guide
3:Blow back unit


When I first got my G17 the previous owner had only ever used green gas and only ever shot it a few times. I have only used propane in mine (mainly cause of the cost and availability). Whenever I would try to fire my gun it usually would blow back half way not fully cycling.

The fix:I was able to fix this issue by ordering a newer rocket valve one with a better seal inside the blow back unit. For what ever reason the original one I'm assuming was meant for green gas? It never seemed to ever seat correctly.

The newer one being on the left and the old one on the right


I replaced my original plastic spring guide with a metal one with an enhanced spring. Sometime while cycling the guide will get out of place and catch the slide, "jamming" it and making it unable to cycle any more.

The fix: I was able to adjust the length of the spring guide by unscrewing the bottom to the proper length seemed to prevent the problem from happening again.


This was another cause of my gun getting stuck half way when cycling and as a result would spew all the gas out (yes I went through A LOT of gas before I fixed this)

The Fix: For what ever reason the screw holding the blow back unit into the slide would come lose after each shot. I fixed this rather easy just by adding some teflon tape to the screw making it secure from loosening.

I hope someone else can benefit from this. I only wish I had this guide when I got my first GBB would have saved me a lot of headache.

If you have any questions regarding your gun or anything about what I've done feel free to PM me or reply!
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oh a tip from the Mechanic from ASG:

If you have weird cycling issues, put some layers (3-4 max) electrical tape ONTOP of the cylinder housing (the black part which is held by 1 screw)

This fixes alot of weird issues like half-cycling and bad feeding!!

Edit: ASG being Action Sport Games
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