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Go bags are for when S*** hits the fan in real life and you need a way portable survival kit which will allow you to live for several days. Whether you are waiting for rescue, trying to make your way back to civilization, or maybe if you just forget to pack extra food and don't feel like driving all the way back to town to buy more.

*note this doesn't have to be strictly real world if you have a go bag you use when you play airsoft that can be posted as well.

Anywho I'm curious to see what your guy's kit includes and what bag it is in.

Personally I have mine inside of a camelbak mule and it includes the following:
stripped MREs
pocket knife with serrated edge
a mirror (small and flexible)
space blanket
small tin of tinder
1l of bottled water
empty hydration bladder with hose
strips of toilet paper
pocket map
medical shears
extra cellphone battery charged

+plus some other less exciting items

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Well, since I don't always have my backpack on me/am currently too cheap to buy some of that stuff, I do my best to keep a sort of mini survival kit on me at all times. I always carry matches, two knives, two flashlights, paracord, and a bandana. In my backpack I have some trail mix, rain gear, 3 liters of water, survival mirror.

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Porn and vodka. Lots of both.

No but really if I were to have one I would pack the above but I would carry a large knife instead of a pocket knife (Bowie with serated edge or curved style) for cutting down things or in case you run into trouble. Then I would also bring a small medical bag filled with your usualy stuff, a light aluminuim walking stick which can hook onto the side of my backpack, a sattilite phone, socks, spare cloth, boots and finally a helicopter. Oh and a shotgun, with gragons breath. Oh, oh one more thing, an invisisbility cloak.

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Good topic man....

I have multiple "Go Bags"
One for my personal life, one for my airsoft, one for my Military, and one for disasters.

Basics I like to include are these......

Important papers
Birth certificates
Marriage papers
Doctors notes
Medication needs
Bank account info ( never the account number, but establishment, banker name, number, location )
Legal papers

A few MRE's
Bottles of water
550 cord
zip ties
duct tape
Cleaner of some kind
Spare shoes
$500 cash
In case banks or what not go down, you have a way to pay for things or barter ;)
Sharpie Markers
Fine tip and bold
Fire starter x2
Flint, push start, lighter what ever you are confident in using
Multi tool
Chem sticks
Engineer tape

There are a few other things that I always put into a kit, but these I feel are the most important. With this stuff I feel I could be dropped off just about anywhere and be able to survive for a while until help came.

Of course it is all going to change depending on where you are, the season, and how many people are with you. For a family it wouldn't hurt to have a 10 gallon tote filled with items. So you have something for everyone. And you should always plan to have supplies for at least a week or more.
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