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1Tonne to the rescue. (well kind of)
I have tried about 30 odd pairs of goggles but luckily I can also wear contacts. So I wear FMA with a fan.
However, I used to run a club and I had to find goggles that would fit over glasses for people who were visitors. The goggles I found were some wire mesh ones. These let in enough air to help stop your glasses from fogging up. Don't get some that are a plastic lens as they do not let in enough air to stop fogging. Air flow is the key to no fog. The pair in this link are the ones with just metal that has holes punched through. If you look about on the net some more you will find some that are exactly the same shape but with wire mesh which is easier to look through.
CM Metal Mesh DL style Goggle ( OD ), Goggles & Masks, Shooter Combat Gear
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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