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Going Scout

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Hey everybody,
Right now i am going to be running as a scout for my team, and i need some advice. For instance, i now have a kwa m4a1. My path of upgrades is this;
1. Barrel extension
2. 6.03 509mm Tightbore
3. AMP 4x acog
5. UTG RIS Rail
6. MIAD Grip
7. Foregrip
Also, what are some good tactics that i could employ.
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Ghillie Poncho or Blanket so you can Quickly change Concealment for mobility.. or vice versa.
would it be better to make one, or to buy a pre-made one?
You could do either...

Some Pre-Mades will work just fine others need additional refinement.
here are some pre-made to ponder...

Spiders Web 6' x 4' = $54 - Versatile Camo

All Purpose Cover 2' x 3' = $24.99

All Purpose Cover 3' x 4' = $52.99

Chameleon Head & Torso Ghillie = $79.99

If you want to build from scratch I would suggest you also look into the base suits...

AKA.. Mamba Suit or anything from - Cobra Family

I understand some of these prices are through the roof but i have found minimal mamba systems for as low as $79
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what would i do the the mamba suit?
Well the Mamba Suit come in many forms...

In its biggest baddest form it is a reinforced BDU set with really durable netting already attached. the beauty of it is you add natural veg and away you go. or you may add jute.. but the mamba was originally designed for purely natural vegetation.

they also sell a cloak style that covers the head, shoulder, upper chest & back.
cost about $80 but it is a very effective manner to create a pure natural veg ghillie.
Theoretically, wouldn't i only need a suit that would cover from my waist up?
i would suggest just buying a net/ Camo netting and adding to it. Just add some loops for your arms and what not, to hold it in place that way you can take it off easily if you find your self in deep woods were ghillie suits just snag on everything.
Silent, you are correct in theory.
that why the spider web or the all purpose covers are so effective.
any thing that can be used for both a cover and blind yet wont hinder fast mobility is a way to go.

I think in the video links I posted in the camo thread has a tutorial to make what penguin is proposing which will work if you want to make your own..
I was just thinking about making/buying more of a regular ghillie top. what do you think?
that would work..

the point for not having it attached to you is so you can drape it over part of a bush and hide behind it like a duck blind.
that or just make some kind of short cloak or throw with ghillie netting on one side and ties on the other. That's what I've been trying to convince my spotter to make for the last year since I gave hum the leftovers from making y ghillie
or set it up on a small bush and make a "Dumby sniper" to draw fire ;)
I understand the pride that comes with making your own stuff...
but at $25 for a 2' x 3' that's modifiable seems like a no brainer to me.
well the ghille tog sounds like the perfect thing. Looks versatile, maneuverable, and looks like there is plenty of room for both burlap and natural veg. My favorite part was the fact that it has interior pockets and a hydration pocket. Great find!
that is just one version of the mamba suits i had mentioned earlier..
But gotta admit $55 is a good deal...
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