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Hello airsofters, I'm very grateful to be here, and you accept me as a new member I enter to write about some questions I saw about new sniper rifle from Golden Eagle, is an impressive rifle, good weight, and at some formats, like you can see at some airsoft web pages, since basic model as 3301 at last with suppressor and handguard, it has a very impressive acuraccy, and a very tense shot, as it unpacked, I change only 4 updates.
1. AEG spring M120 mapple leaf
2. Deception rubber hop 80 degrees black
3 Nub omega
4. An vsr cut inox steel maple leaf 6.01mm precision inner barrel 470mm lenght
Also if you find you could buy a kit for transform it gas CO2 shot system. Put I think it's very expensive, and not a sustained change.
It's well made of alu and steel with licensed marks of Vanquish arms Co. At both sides of receiver, spefications you can see on golden eagle model M200 data sheet is correct, and I'm very happy have bought it
After bought, I bought rifle case for it made by golden eagle and echo 1, to keep it safely, its made of hard polymer plastic, and inside it has a preformed and cutted sponge, to introduce rifle parts, and my distributor get other magazine for me, because only think I don't like is,.... It's very difficult as no impossible to get spare parts, or updated parts at every places in the world, some parts are compatible. With vsr 10, but hop up chamber and mechanism box are owner,
At a discussion I saw at this forum. About Same model of Ares you must Know Ares s not the owner of rights to do this replica only golden eagle, because vanquish is looking to demand to Ares, to violation of industrial rights, if you want to be the owner of this airsoft rifle as original you must buy G. E.
Here from Spain, I wait this, was useful for our community.
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