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Name: James Parker

Callsign: Scotty

Experience: Have been playing for a while now, and in that time I have become very competent in the use/maintenance/upgrading of aeg's and gas blow back airsoft guns. Recently started building my DMR based on an SPR and came across this forum.

My Current arsenal:

Magpul M4A1 (built by myself as a project)
Dboys Scar-L Heavily upgraded
ICS CXP.08 Concept rifle
SPR Mod 0 (started as a base for my DMR, lots yet to be done)
TM FN-57
TM Glock 17 Custom
Just purchased a TM L96

My camo: I normally use Danish M84 pattern camo, I also have a home made ghillie suit and have just bought a pre-made concealment suit by Jack Pyke.

Other hobbies: Motorsport, Gaming (pc and console) and other hobbies that pop up here and there.

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Age: 21

Hi guys glad to be a part of the forum, you have some really good information on here and I hope to add to it if I can.


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Absolutely brilliant I cant fault it, performance wise its practically the same as the FN-57 which I would highly recommend. Its one of if not the best pistol I have owned.

I will do a short review on both and get some pictures up.
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