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Good Gas Blowback Sidearms?

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I was wondering what would be some good solid gas blowback pistols for under $200? I won't be getting one for a while but I would just like some ideas for the future.
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I have a Bell 1911. The mags aren't great but the gun is very good. they sell the full metal version (The one I have) in ehobbyasia. I would advise getting the Terecel though cause they're supposed to be very similar just better quality gun and mags. Oh and it's well under $200 shipped.
I have had good luck with a W.E. Dark Dragon... but of course!!

$95; Hi-Cap (29rds); propane; Blow back; comes in Silver or Dark Grey; 5.1 and 7.1 lengths...

There is a link out somwhere that goes step-by-step to make the Dark Dragon shoot full auto...
The new KWA 1911's are really good, but what are you going to do with it? If it is your only sidearm for a sniper rifle, I would suggest something a little more substantial.
Any Marui GBB. Hi Capa 5.1 are quite amazing even in colder weather. I have fielded them in 40 degree weather without issue although depending on were you live you may have to wait till spring. I have also been interested in the new KJW GBBs due to Tonia Kobas influence, but they are definitely not made by him, so they are hit or miss from what I have read. Word of advice, CO2 mags generally destroy GBBs. Most full metal GBBs are made with pot metal and only offer a heavier recoil while sacrificing gas economy. I ran my Hi Capa on propane for three years without issue or upgrade. By far some of the best money spent of a replica.
Silentfury, what would you consider a good and "more substantial" sidearm?
As previously stated by Mateba, you can't go wrong with TM. I have had my TM P226 for three years and it still function just as well as the day I got it (and then some thanks to my good friends at PDI.)
I have had good luck with the WE M1911 MEU. The only issue is the mag follower is a PITA because it breaks really quickly if you load/unload it as fast as humanly possible. Treat it nice, and it will reciprocate.
I use a KWA MP7A1 and a KWA KP45.

The MP7A1 is awesome as a secondary. It is compact and reliable and I can use it to hit people accurately from farther ranges than a pistol could. It is an awesome secondary, It's like having a GBBR in a very small package. It functions great as a PDW. It is very efficient with gas and I have it holstered with a 20rd mag for those moments when it hits the fan and I need a quick spray to get the enemies' heads down.

The KWA KP45 Tactical is a really robust pistol. I haven't been able to use it as much as my Mp7, but it has proven itself to be fairly accurate and good with gas. KWA has also made a deal with Umarex, so all their KP models will have HK USP Trades in the near future and they will even be releasing a MK23 too. The KWA KP series pistols a very nice.
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Has anyone had, or known anyone that has had experience with the KWA MK IV? It looks like a very well put together gun and it is fairly acurate as well.
From what I read, the TM MK23 is a very good pistol. It hits hard, and is very silent. You can also upgrade it with VSR-10 compatible buckings and barrels just like the rest of their pistols. I'm working on getting one now. They seem to be getting more rare, but ehobby still has them.
I've been using a WE 1911 single stack for years, built like a rock and performs well enough to earn notches in my belt
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I have a KWA KP45. I love it. I have only been using it for about half a year, but have had no problems. It uses the NS2 system, so it is supposed to be more gas efficient and better in colder temperatures. I chose to go with a simple GBB pistol rather than something like a MP7A1 just because it would be heavier and bulkier and harder for me to carry around. My KP45 just stays in my drop-leg holster for when I need it. In my opinion it mostly comes down to personal preference. As long as you stay with a reputable brand, you can buy whatever model you prefer most. I would advise staying away from CO2 though.
Alright thanks for all the suggestions!
I swear by the Tokyo Marui M1911 MEU. Sure, its $190, so its right under your budget, but mine has been through hell and back and still functions like a champ. Where I live, winters can get down to -10 at night without a problem. This baby keeps on trucking. Granted, Ill only get half of the mag out, whereas in summer I can get the full thing with room to spare. But it performs really well in all environments. Its been submerged in water and mud, half frozen, banged up, and generally abused out in the field. But I still love it, and apparently it loves me.
Not to mention it is accurate out of the box. Ive gotten confirmed kills at ~100 feet with this thing. If you aim it, that is where the bb is going.
So, all in all, this thing is a work of art.
If you are looking for a SMG it needs to be small so git a Glock or a KWA M11A1 NS2.
Glocks are smaller and are easy to use and are c02 most of the time.
the Tactical force glock is good its blow back and has a 15nd c02 mag. Shoots 350-400fps you can't go full auto with some so you might want to look into a glock buy a different brand, but glocks are as small as you can go if you want small.
Mines a TM Desert Eagle hardballer! not the sleakest of weapons (may as well carry a howizer in your holster!) but man what a weapon, and the grin factor is off the charts!
Alot of players use TM Hi-capa 4.3 or 5.1 due to compatibility with alot of parts and its reliability.
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