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I swear by the Tokyo Marui M1911 MEU. Sure, its $190, so its right under your budget, but mine has been through hell and back and still functions like a champ. Where I live, winters can get down to -10 at night without a problem. This baby keeps on trucking. Granted, Ill only get half of the mag out, whereas in summer I can get the full thing with room to spare. But it performs really well in all environments. Its been submerged in water and mud, half frozen, banged up, and generally abused out in the field. But I still love it, and apparently it loves me.
Not to mention it is accurate out of the box. Ive gotten confirmed kills at ~100 feet with this thing. If you aim it, that is where the bb is going.
So, all in all, this thing is a work of art.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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