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Good Ghillie Idea

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So I was just in the bathroom and I saw my wife's small elastic hairbands all over the place and thought to myself, "Hey, those would work really well to attach vegetation on my ghillie." What do you guys think? They are cheap, come with like 50 in a pack and would be easily installed in some netting. The only thing I can think would be an issue would be them wearing out over time, but they are so cheap I don't think it would be a problem.
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I use them. They are black. I actually use them for all kinds of stuff, like organizing a million USB cords, power cords, controller cables, and used them as boot bands when I was in the military.

You could attach them just like you do the jute by threading it under the net and pulling end through.
Just don't let the wife know I am stealing all of them. :)
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