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I've began my search for good night vision optics. Nothing to fancy as i don't want my optic to outprice my gun... So I'm looking in the 750$ or below price range. I'm going to a "field" (a place that my friends play at night) and i need a night optic... Anyone have a good choice?


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I've built my own using an IR sensitive CCD camera, an LCD eyepiece and an IR illuminator. Works pretty well for $200 USD. Quite a DIY solution though :hehe:

There was a pretty decent NV optic around a while back but I believe it was in the $1000 USD range... Should have to look... I believe there's a thread on it on the forum here somewhere about people reviewing it...

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Another DIY option

Hope this isn't veering too far off topic,

The place where I've been playing is indoors, and since it's been winter, it gets very dark, so when I was going through my Instructables newsletter and saw plans for a night vision scope, it caught my eye.

I looked into things a little more, and was bale to find 2 more Instructables on the topic:

DIY Cascade Night Vision Scope: 10 Steps

DIY Infrared Night Vision Device: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

So I got thinking, if I got a dashcam that could see infrared light, 3D printed a case for it that would act as a rail mount (I plan to put the camera behind my scope), lens protection (I'll mount some lexan in front of the camera lens), and eye-piece (to shield the screen and also keep light from leaking out everywhere), then I'd have a reasonable night vision set up, all it would need is a little illumination...

Turns out you can buy 940nm (according to my research that should be invisible to human eyes, as opposed to the 840nm, which have a slight red glow) infared LEDs for pretty cheap, so I sourced a 5 pack of 5W ones on AliExpress. I'm planning to either swap out the diode in an existing flashlight, or printing my own housing. I'll probably only use this when I'm looking at a target who isn't using infrared already, when I'm acting as a sniper, since my eyes are generally pretty good in the dark as is.

I'm still waiting on the dashcams, and some parts that I need to get my 3D printer working (I'm having a terrible time with buildplate adhesion), but I'm pretty excited to try this idea out.

My buddy that got me into airsoft suggested the next step would be trying to make some kind of HUD that could display the image from the camera inside our masks (fogging is terrible in the cold, so thermal lenses are a must and mesh lenses are kind of frowned on where we play).

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Second hand gen2+ / gen3 that you mount behind the scope. I've had good results with this, but it really depends on how well the scope and mono combines.
Upside is that you have good optics (your scope) with zoom and you retain your original zero.
Downside is that it's heavy (but not really heavier than a NV rifle scope tbh), sits further back towards your eye (so your shooting position might be cramped) and it can be quite some faff to mount the scope correctly.
But i think that's the best performance for the money.
Check out the pic of my VSR with NV scope on. It's a cheap PST2000 scope mono that hovers around 600-1000euro. The mount could have been made better, it was for testing, but the performance was amazing. It was possible to track BB's to 100m through it (with some light).

You should also t hink about how you want to use NV.
You should always strive to use it as passively as possible, because other people with NV can see any IR light you make, and even normal people can see the red glow from a IR light.
If you want, get an adjustable IR laser illuminator instead of a normal IR light. That's better for sniping and gives you away less.
But always play so you do not need any light. Make your kill zones in areas with moon light or against a horizon.
It's very hard to see people inside windows with NV as well.
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