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Good way to know when your out of ammo

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For most of my gear I will load all .30 ksc (white) bbs

But for the last mag I will put 1 (for bolt action) 3 (full auto) colored bbs usually red if I can find them... As these are usually less quality bbs or usually .12's to .20's you will see them arc up with your hopup setting...

See a streak of red well its time to take cover and reload

Just thought I would share
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That's usually a good method, or.. with my Maruzen, the bolt doesn't go all the way in unless it's loaded, so I usually know on the spot.. And when I get in a hide that I know I'll be working in for an hour or whatever I usually just have a mag right next to my magwell for easy access.
Or when that knob pops up in the stock if the gun, but sometimes you can miss it.
That's a really good method actually, thanks for the sharing I'll have to try it sometime.
yeah started doing this with my mp5 and kinda got hooked do it with my m9, and rifles now.
I know when im out of ammo when the gun doesnt shoot any more bbs.
in a low stress situation I (or my spotter) can manage to count how many shots I have fired, and if i lose track or im being charged, I have the habit of constantly reloading after about 20 rounds for the bolt action
How would I do this, because I am going to be packing a JG BAR-10. They have clips of 30, but don't shoot the last bullet.
i know this is a major necropost but just thought i might add this because i beleive it might save someone a ruined barrel. i love the idea its brilliant, however i would make sure to inspect those cheap bb's extremely well because .12s are usually manufactured horribly and you run the risk of ruining a barrel if you shoot those without checking them.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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