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Gorem (Immortal)

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Sold him some stuff over the summer, and never wrote up anything saying what a good buyer he was.

Also, just bought a shotty off him, gave me a great deal, and shipped fast.

Would do business with him anytime, without hesitation.
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I recently had the opportunity to purchase several used VSR parts from him. He shipped everything out quickly, & offered some great pricing along with free shipping. Communication with him was a breeze as his responsiveness was nearly instant.
He described all of the available items & their condition in good detail so that potential buyers would easily comprehend exactly what to expect upon receipt of the items.
I can honestly say that this is the kind of seller that you want to do business with on-line, and I certainly hope to have the pleasure again myself!
He's definitely among some other upstanding members on here, that truly make ASF one of the most beneficial places to visit daily on the net!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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