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Do you own a handheld GPS and do you Geocache?

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Anyway, this is what I was thinking regarding using GPS with Airsoft, or without in an area what prohibits it, and then just use digital cameras). This will work well right down to just two players, but this is geared mainly for small teams of snipers vs. snipers, when you want to hone your sniper skills. Player or team 1 goes into the woods (bush), sets up a hide. Sends or radios coordinates for team 2 to come find them. Knowing there is a sniper in the area, you can opt to approach from almost any direction, keeping the opposition on alert. You either do a gun stalk, or a camera stalk. You can mix it up, switch it up, but this way you aren't getting lazy setting up on a known "deer run" and waiting. Any thoughts?

I have too much free time.
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