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Grassland Echo1 ASR...

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So here is my ASR that I just painted for grassland.
For starters here is a list of the upgrades:
1. Firefly bucking
2. DBCustom 6.01 TBB (I couldnt resist, it was a good deal, however I am better educated now lol)
3. Teflon tape mods: hop up, cylinder head etc.
4. Polished/waxed the barrel and polished the cylinder.
5. Did some custom mods here and there with the hop up and to get the barrel to fit.
6. PSS APSII piston, head, PSS190 spring and spring guide (havent chronoed it yet)

So I dont have a picture of my field, but its basically grassland (ill try to edit this with a pic of game play if this thread is active after my next game) Here is a pic of my ghillie that blends really well, just to give you an idea:

Here are some pics of the rifle:

All in all Im pleased. This is the first time Ive painted a rifle, so feedback would be appreciated. Enjoy!
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Looks really nice man. The only thing is the bipod. Not my taste as it looks really big and bulky. But I guess thats just because the legs are adjusted and are all the way out. I have the same one on my mk96, but its just for storage, not field use.

Overall, nice work, especially for the first time paint job. Looks like something a veteran did.

Great description. Not sure about the drop in fps. After the first two shots does it stay constant at 570 or does it keep dropping down, going up, etc. etc.

And I would assume your rifle could shoot further than 200 feet. My rifle has significantly dropped in fps (stock spring :( ) over the last few years, and I am getting shots at two hundred feet. I bet you could push 250 with .4s or .43s (maybe .36s, not sure might be too light). Not saying it would be dead on accurate, but if you needed to take the longshot, you could make adjustments for wind, etc. and hit the target.

Edit: Well, I cannot read
. Did not realize you did not have a tightbore barrel. With a 6.03, 6.04, 6.05 (any one of those) you would have some tighter shots. Then you could really get some solid range and accuracy out of her and push the 250 limit. Also, with the tightbore, your shots at 100 feet will be 10/10 everytime with no fliers. Same goes for 125 feet. I did a test between the stock mk96 vs. the upgraded mk96 with a tightbore barrel and some other upgrades. Huge difference, check it out: . At the moment, my rifle hits the 200 mark, but just does not have the "umph" to get it much further. When I upgrade the trigger assembly a stronger spring will help solve that problem
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