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Grassland Echo1 ASR...

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So here is my ASR that I just painted for grassland.
For starters here is a list of the upgrades:
1. Firefly bucking
2. DBCustom 6.01 TBB (I couldnt resist, it was a good deal, however I am better educated now lol)
3. Teflon tape mods: hop up, cylinder head etc.
4. Polished/waxed the barrel and polished the cylinder.
5. Did some custom mods here and there with the hop up and to get the barrel to fit.
6. PSS APSII piston, head, PSS190 spring and spring guide (havent chronoed it yet)

So I dont have a picture of my field, but its basically grassland (ill try to edit this with a pic of game play if this thread is active after my next game) Here is a pic of my ghillie that blends really well, just to give you an idea:

Here are some pics of the rifle:

All in all Im pleased. This is the first time Ive painted a rifle, so feedback would be appreciated. Enjoy!
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I actually just got off work for the day and am going to spend the afternoon zeroing it after I clean the barrel out. Although I dont easily have a chrono at hand, but just from looking at damage shots over the home brew stuff I did I'd guess that Ive added about 60-80fps, so somewhere in the realm of 570. I got it to 510 with just stock parts and a new bucking. all in all I have about $280 into it with the scope and internals, minus the paint, but paint is cheap.

I dont know if there is an aftermarket for the trigger set yet. I had heard that it works with APSII parts, and the PSS parts that I added were for the APSII (piston, head etc.) the best I could find in researching it on the internet before doing the upgrades were pictures that someone took when opening their trigger set. I dont know what the APSII trigger set looks like, so I dont know if they are interchangeable. Here are the stock pics that I found, Ill post some target shots later tonight (that is assuming that I can get it on paper

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just got done zeroing it to my satisfaction:

Madbull .43s @ ~100' 9/10.
The target is just a regular 8.5x11" printer paper with a highlighter on it. the stuff to the left is from previous targets. The first shot was a flier, center and left but just missed the box, then it kind of shot in groups of 3's, first the top left, then the bottom then top right. I could probably tighten it up with a 6.03 barrel down the road, but I think imma play my next game as is and see how it does.

Effective range im not really sure of. It was punching through both sides of the box (a fedex box, so kinda beefy i guess) with no problem at 100' with both .36s and .43s. Both the BBs grouped about the same so I figure I can get more range out of the .43s. I dont really have the space to go much further in my backyard as is, but according to the chart that mojo posted in his "effective range" thread, I'd guess just shy of 200ft; but I'll have to wait for a game to try that one out.

EDIT: This is for Woogie, while I was looking around trying to find a spring comparison chart I found this review on ASR: its pretty good, it says that the trigger assembly is interchangeable with the Well SR2... seeing as it is a Well gun, i dont know if there are even upgraded aftermarket parts for it, but its a good lead.
correction: Maruzen SR2, not Well

Chrono Report:
Got down to a local shop yesterday and used their chrono. The, what I will call "clean" shots, were 604-607fps. Sometimes it would double feed for some reason and drop to 430ish (i think this is either because I was using non-precision .2s or the mag is faulty), but the part that was troubling me is that it would shoot 604-607 for 2-3 shots and then drop to ~570 for a few shots. any ideas? other than that operation is fine.
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nice write up! I may be looking at a 6.03 in my future, depends on funds. as far as the fps goes, it fluctuates after its been shot a few times between the 600/570 mark. although the bucking was not warmed up when i chronoed (it takes forever with .2s and the firefly) so im not sure if this could have effected it.
I like the idea of adding an adjustable trigger. To add to that though, if I were to modify the sears... I would just fab my own. It wouldn't be too hard with some scrap high carbon bar stock, a dremel, some brass pins and JB weld. I would change the step on the piston sear to be more of a ~45 angle with a small vertical step on the bottom, sintead of face to face like that at 0. Just my 2c, but since I don't use this gun anymore I doubt I'll get to it.
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