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Grease?!?! (not John Travolta related)

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what grease do you guys use for your cylinders? i just got plumbers silicone grease, in know one of you is a plumber from a post i read.

anyways it contains no oil additives, it clearly states "for lubricating o-rings"

think it might work in cylinders?

might i add its only 3 dollars, 6 dollars + shipping online, F-that.
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Just check and if it says it contains petroleum don't use it. If it doesn't contain petroleum then by all means use it. I personally use white lithium grease I got in a 10oz can off of amazon. It contains petroleum but I tested it on some o-rings and it hasn't damaged them at all in the past 3 weeks. I am still going to get some non-petroleum white lithium grease eventually.
White lithium, silicone where I don't want the thick stuff.

There have also been a ton of posts on this if you search...
There have also been a ton of posts on this if you search...
He's right, you could have just searched the forums for "grease" and it comes up with a ton of results.
cool cool, well the search doesnt like me, everytime i click on the second page it tells me i suck and it cant find any matching words.

i work at lowes and found one that is biobased? it says you can mix it with petroleum based greases so i guessing IT isnt made with petroleum.
White lithium also for me! It reduced the pull significantly.

White lithium!

I used Vaseline on my cylinder body though when I had ran out of white lithium and it worked almost as well! Just don't go putting it near rubber...
No problem. For future reference (I never use built in search functions on any forum):

Go to google and search like this:

That will search for "grease" but only within ""

The old forum was TERRIBLE with the search function. Plus this lets you use the power of Google ANYWHERE! :-D
Since the question was answered I will go off topic a bit. The search function on this forum is still not the greatest, as it filters out words that are used too often, such as "vsr". This makes people ask questions that have been answered countless times because the search wouldn't allow them to find it. It really isn't the greatest.
Where o rings are involved (viton or rubber) I like super lube with teflon.
I love the title to your topic buddy, I almost shot soda out of my nose,hahahaha! :lmao:
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