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This got me thinking about "Accuracy".

This is what define as accuracy: "Accuracy is subjective"
I will explain.
Accuracy is the min or max that the shooter is expecting.
USPSA = Grand Masters are those that reach the fastest accuracy with grouping no lager than in 11" x 6". With a pistol from an average of 60 feet.
3 Gun best shooters have a grouping of the entirety of a USPSA target OR sometimes (rarely) the same 11"x 6" for USPSA. With either a rfile or a pistol at the same avg of 60 feet.
We will just skip the shotguns.
PRS folks have many ways, but tight groups at longer ranges to LONG ranges are the expected. We wont talk about what constitutes long range in this LOL.

I look at airsoft accuracy the same way.
How tight of a group can I expect with a round projectile that weighs next to nothing at speeds I can actually watch it fly.
I am happy with a 12" square at 200 feet. Very happy, in non Texas winds. Even though I can literally stack real steel rounds at 100 yards.

Do I need that in CQB? No, accuracy here, is the size up to a human size target. Easy.
Accuracy for an LMG, 200 feet with a human size target? I will go along with that.
Oh, and any side winds cant be overcome and adds to the difficulty and fun of this game.

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