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Great News! (for me at least)

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I know that this has nothing to do with airsoft, but I just got back my scores from the Junior Olympic Air Rifle Qualifying Match that happened 2 days ago, and I got 1st place in my state section! Woot!
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Congrats man! I would give you a high five if I could.
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Hahahahahaha, thanks crow! Silent, feel free to slap me some five. ;)
Nice shoot'n Tex...err Tenn. Details man, we need the goods...
I actually was having a really bad day and only shot a 519/600, but it is still pretty good for sporter class.
Details man, Details!!

Rifle and all that good stuff.
I can post a pick of the rifle and specs here soon. Other than a terrible pain on my support arm in prone and kneeling, I actually missed my automatic invitation score by 6 points :( . It all happened in standing where I was shooting a 90 point group until the last shot where I shot a 4! I about wanted to yell out of frustration, but thought the other competitors wouldn't like it
. Other than that, what details would you like.
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Thanks! I just found out that I shot 5th in the state of Tennessee!
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