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Green Gas

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Does anyone know where to get green gas online? The only airsoft store near me sells green gas cans for 15$ and I shouldn't have to pay that much for a can that lasts only several hundred rounds. If This is in the wrong section, please move it; I am looking for a web deal so this section seemed right.
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I am sure the small propane tanks are not made to be refilled. That might not be a wise idea.

Also, if you are filling off the 20 lbs., you should use a regulator I would thing, or risk over-pressurising the mag.
I asked Hank Hill, and he told me a special regulator is needed to fill a propane cylinder. I fell a sleep in the middle, but there was a bunch of stuff about frost burn and burned houses. I did find a guide to something similar though.

My favourite part: Under no circumstances should anyone ever refill disposable propane cylinders using the following method.
Well, I think I use about a half of a pound of propane a month when I play CQB with my pistol four days a week.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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