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Hi all,

My Callsign is Sharingan and come from Austria. Some people here might know me from AATV (Airsoft Austria Television). Well i am playing airsoft since july 2004 and founded with other friends a RUSSIAN THEMED CLUB(RPAC - Russian Players Airsoft Club). Wow the time turns too fast ^^" Well i am be ownest with you guys, since 2004 i am not really played as a sniper...I'm just a guy who just want action and fun(that's what airsoft is about) and rush towards the enemy ^^. In other hand i like collecting guns and tweak and tune them. Tweaking sniping rifle is just like a sciene for me-> experimenting,doing research,gathering information,etc
It's makes hell fun :)
Well my sniper arsenal are following:

1)Maruzen APS2 [email protected]: Orca Sniper stock, All internals from Laylax,Laylax Receiver
Well that gun still need some rework

2)TM VSR10 [email protected]: Laylax Cylinder/Pistonhead,Polarstar Springguide/Piston, Noobie AAB, HU Shimming,Selfmade barrelspacer,SP170, Firefly hardbucking, Egdi 6.01 Innerbarrel

3)TM [email protected]: PDI internals

4)RS [email protected]: stock internals with SP150

Well after i perfected my sniper then i will try as a sniper roll but maybe i am not cool enough to wait for enemy ^^

Maybe you will asking how i found this board: well i was searching for TM L96 Information via google and yeah so i am here ^^

Ok i am happy that i found a place where i can exchange knowledge with other players.

@Grammarnazis out there
Well my engrish is not the best, so don't be to harsh to me ^^

Over and Out

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Welcome aboard. Its understandable that your grammar is not the best. This forum has had people from all over the world come and share their knowledge. So it is acceptable for people who do not speak English as a first language to mess up here and there.

However, that does not go for everyone on these boards. ;)

Again, welcome, digging your rifles, always wanted a Maruzen APS2.
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