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Greeting from sunny (very) Arizona!

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Hold on to your hop-ups, intro post coming at ya!

My name's Michael, and we're live from gorgeous Phoenix AZ where I have spent all of my 22 years on this Earth. Been airsofting since 04, started small, got some real gear, started to really get into it, real steel too. A little older now and not so much freetime these days, but I get out there when I can. Got an OP this Saturday based on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and its gonna be sweet. But I wanted to get in here because after doing pretty much everything Airsoft has to offer, I'm getting into sniping. And this seems like a hell of a resource, hoping you guys can give me a few answers.

TM AK-47
TM Sig P226
HFC USR11 (AA Z-Trigger and piston, Laylax tightbore, Dangerwerx type A arm, 9ball bucking, Laylax Teflon cylinder, Laylax cylinder head, 170 sp)
Among other less important weapons

Approaching a decade in the game
Countless local OPs, and one OP Lionclaws VIII (sucks)
Trained in everything from field to CQB tactics, 2/3/5/7 man team movement, deliberate/dynamic room clearing, tactical mobility (vehicles), rappelling, executive protection detail, and more
Very, VERY lucky and honored to have been trained/abused by but not limited to, former Rangers, SEALS (hardest weekend of my life), FFL, and one very cool Marine Scout Sniper who went on to do work for Dyncorp and ArmorGroup overseas
(For the record I'm not trying to brag and I'm not a liar. I am actually very humble that's how you know I'm legit :p)

Personal junk
I have a bad cat
Recent culinary school grad cooking professionally downtown (first love)
Enjoys airsoft, food, cooking, Star Wars, firearms, video games, cooking, movies, good friends, girls, cooking, and my cat.

Anything I missed just ask! I'm having a little trouble with my sniper, so you'll be seeing some posts by me soon.

Till next time :lmao:
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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