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My name is Andrew (Jester), and I'm from Corvallis Oregon. I am currently a Junior at Oregon State University, and have been playing airsoft for approximately 3 years. I just got my first sniper rifle, a TSD M700 (VSR-10) replica, and love it. I just had a custom made 6.02 barrel installed, and haven't even skirmished it yet. My other replicas include a CA SCAR-L (318 FPS), TSD M3 3-burst shotgun, JG Mp5Sd6, and a KWA USP Compact. I love my pistol, I got 2nd place in a recent airsoft pistol contest up here.

I belong to a team up here called Pacific Security Contractors, and we took 3rd place in the BSP Challenge last weekend. I am also a writer for Black Sierra Productions (BSP). Most of my airsoft forum experience is with Airsoft, but please don't let that make you think any less of me.

Anyways, I think that is all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Yo dude, great to have you here! =)

You may refer replicas as guns or weapons or as any known ways too. =) No need to be so formal unless you want to. =D University student eh? What do you study? I'm a... hmmm... actually I ain't really sure what do you call a second year student? A freshman? Well anyway I'm a freshman in University of Applied Science, Turku Finland. =) Gonna be a male nurse in less than two years.

Have you pimped out your rifle yet? Got any pictures if you have? If you do then feel free to post em up in our Gallery board. =)

P.S. +1 for grammar! ^^
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