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Greetings and Salutations!

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Good to find a well rounded AS sniper forum. My name is Dallas, though I generally get called "Eyes" or "D" when in the field with the team. We play at Combat City in Orlando, which as a sniper, presents a unique set of challenges, given play areas. I haven't been playing long, about 8 or so months, though try to make it out Sats and Suns to play since I started in February.

I am working with a Bar 10 which I have upped to about 475ish fps, making use of the usual mods re spring, piston, some teflon tape, etc. Regarding a Ghille, you would need to see where we play at, and the game types to realize why I don't have one. Wookie in the forest comes immediately to mind, not to mention the scenario/objectives require a LOT of moving, so some basic MarPat and patience have been my tools for concealment.

In any case, thanks for taking the time to read, and good shooting.
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Welcome ... it's not always necessary to wear a ghillie... I've still hasn't finished mine (second ghillie the first destroyed)!!

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