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Greetings everyone

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My name is Mike and I'm from Southern California. I've been Airsofting for 3 months and I own a UTG Type 96 (upgraded parts/mods listed below) as my primary. I love the aspect of teching guns much more than shooting so I'd have to say I fiddle 90% of the time and only shoot the remaining 10%. Hopefully I can benefit from all of you and perhaps one day I can make a contribution to the community.

Installed or own:

  • Angel Customs Piston
  • LL Power Cup Piston Head
  • Angel Customs Spring Guide w/ Ball bearings
  • LL Teflon Cylinder
  • LL Zero Trigger
  • LL 130,150,170,210 Spring
  • SCS Spacer installed in modified stock hop-up
  • Masamune 6.01 TBB (Not installed. I reverted back to stock ~6.04 tbb because I learned the air cushioning affect is very beneficial to long distance accuracy)
  • Systema bucking (Not installed)


  • PDI Hop Up Chamber (Need it very bad :D)
  • LL Cylinder Head (pss96 or pss2?)
  • Edgi 6.03tbb (length undetermined for now)

  • Teflon cylinder head wrap
  • Teflon bucking w/ several wraps (I was forced to because my stock bucking has too many holes and tears)
  • Removed weight bearings that they put inside the rear stock (I'd say it made the gun at least 2 pounds lighter if not more)
  • Clay mod for vibration dampening in empty spaces of the gun
  • Foam mod for areas where the upper receiver and lower receiver are touching
  • Electrical tape+Pipe foam barrel spacer
  • Electrical tape on the top of the spring resting in the piston (may remove as it's only useful in removing the 'Sproing' sound of a 210spring which I rarely use
  • Silent trigger box mod which allows the majority of sound to merely come out of the muzzle
  • Pulled-out-slightly spring guide stopper pin which I kept in place using electrical tape. This allows for a very smooth bolt pull and push.
  • Super glued the screw at the rear of the bolt handle so I could remove the "Jesus pin" and the other pin it interacted with. Absolutely no issues with bolt pull+push alignment.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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