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Hello, My name is Brandon. I apologize if I didn't read the rules before. That is completely my fault I came from MIA where you don't need an intro. Anyway, onto the intro!

Like I said, my name is Brandon

I go by the call-sign Ozone

I've got about 4 years of airsoft experience (more than that but I don't like to count backyard spring pistol games!)

As for training, I don't have any formal military training but I do plan on attending the Michigan State Police Academy. Not sure that it matters but as for athletic training I do use different programs to stay in shape.

The weapons that I use are as follows-CA M14-KWA Glock 18c-CA MP5

For camo I was mostly just a Sharpshooter and ran with a squad so I don't own a ghillie. I use desert camo with a vest.

I'm located in Ann Arbor Michigan

And finally, some of my interests include watching college football, I make it to all of U of M's home games, and I have a pretty weird love for movies.

Thanks for taking the time to read this intro, and I'm really sorry for not reading the beginners rules when I started!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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