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i'm a 20 year old student studying in the military, my specialisation is avionics f-16. i've been in service for only 4 months now.

My name comes from the fact that, when upgrading a gun, i oftenly just improvise. (that mostly turns out ok, fortunately)

airsofting has been a passion of mine for some years. recently i found out that being a marksman suits me a lot.
nothing beats an stealthy long range kill!

greets! -Idonteven

(some of the gear i've collected)
-Tm vsr10
-Tm p90tr
-Tm hicapa stainles
-Tm g17
-g&p tan Magpul M4 (polarstar)
-Kjw 10/22
(snow wolf m82a1 coming soon! :D )
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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