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Greetings from Greece

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Hi I'm George I'm from Aridaia Greece I've been airsofting since 2008. Now most of my arsenal is sniper rifles of any kind , spring, gas, AEG and classic!!
My crown Jewell is the Asahi WA2000 DX and one of the best I have us the Real Sword SVD. I've done my service in the Greek Army with the specialty on mines and explosives expert.
I've used nearly every weapon available in the army arsenal and some of these are M4, G3A3/A4 and SG1, HK11, MG3,P90,MP5 and plethora of pistols.
Now I don't own any RS guns and I don't intent to!

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I hate you...

Joke, pleez post some pics of your arsenal, I have wondered how large it is for a while. I could use some nice pics of nice guns...
Welcome to the boards, good to have you :)
Some pics or your rifles would be great!
Welcome to the forums!
Well I haven't take pics of it for some time but I can post some so you can see it.
I'm planning to review some of them and I'll take some pics then but for now there's no time for anything..

Welcome over here man!

Glad to see you found your way here. I am sure you will find a lot of the same people here as you do on the other forums.
I thought I saw that sig on another forum. Welcome
Woogie thank you though I've known this forum for pretty long time but I've never made an account.
"inthetallgrass" It me from the other forums... I keep the "trademarked" signature and the same username on all the forums I've registered.

How is it over there in Greece?

Have always wanted to live somewhere overseas, just for the change of pace.... just not sure I would be quick on picking up another language

That and dang dude, get some pics up of your fields, and rules and things of the such.
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