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My name is Ola, and I'm 24 years old.
I've been playing airsoft for almost eight years, and I enjoy collecting military gear and building impressions!

Been playing the sniperpart more and more recent years, and the last year I've played as a sniper every game I've attended. :)
I play as part of a small group of snipers - there's four of us, with one extra guy on "standby" for bigger games.

I really enjoy the feeling you get when you're laying on top of a cliffside, looking down on the action with a spotting scope, rangefinding the people down there, and relaying info to "the top". Maybe getting in the occasional hit now and then, if you're lucky.
Warm fuzzy feeling right there..

Gearwise, we use Tactical Concealment's MCM Cobras and MCM leg chaps, Under Armour caps, ATS Cobra backpacks, TYR Tactical COMA Snipers harness, Tyr Commanders armboard, Crye Precision RG Combat Uniforms, Puxing radios, and Bushnell/Leupold optics:)

Riflewise, I use
2 Tanaka K98s
Tanaka M700
TM M14 w/ real wood stock

I hope to get inspiration and learn something from these forums!
I'm having a bit of troubke with my K98s at the moment, so hope to get help here eventually:)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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