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Howdy guys, my name's Mykael Le, and I am a Vietnamese Immigrant residing in the Pacific Northwest.

I decided to get into sniping because I had experience training with precision longarms back in Vietnam and decided that this role would fit me best. I have extensive training on stalking and field camouflage. I have currently made 3 ghillie suits in my life, with my latest one being a Plate Carrier compatible one for my fiancee.

I hope to get good information on this forum regarding VSR10/SVD upgrading and sidearm selection.

Thanks for reading, below is the condensed version of information.

Name: Mykael Le
Age: 18
Details: 6 ft, medium build, French/Asian
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States of America. Max Sniper FPS: 550
Environment: NW Multicam Tropic, MARPAT Woodland
SE Multicam Arid, Multicam Original
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