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Greetings from Sweden.

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Name: Tobias Öfverberg.

Callsign: Isse.

Experience: I have been playing airsoft on and off since early 2000 if i remember correctly. 2003 I bought myself a Tanaka Works Mauser Kar98 for some sniping. I remember fondly being called the terror in the field by my fellow softers. Sadly i had to sell my Mauser a couple of years later.
Other than that i have served in the Swedish armed forces as an SAW Gunner (Love M240B) in a close protection unit.

You´re arsenal:
TM Springfield XDM 4.5
APS ACP Pistol
Maruzen Remington M870 (with tactical pimping)
Dytac Invader mk18 in A-tacs AU.

Your camo: I do not have a ghillie at the moment but planning to build one with stuff from Tactical Concealment.
Since I have a gear addiction I have to much set ups.
all black Umbrella Corp.
Taliban clothes.
PMC Gear.
Swiss Alpenflage.
and a complete DA set-up in Atacs AU.

What are your other hobbies?: Roleplaying games, LARP, bordgames, MtG and Warhammer. My poor wallet.

Where do you reside? I live in Sweden. To be exact Sandviken, Gästrikland. A realy good place to be since i have always been spoiled with good CQB game areas.
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Thank you very much.

I have been lurking for some time but questions and different topics keeps popping up in my head so i just had to sign up for this wonderfull place :cheers:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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