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Greetings from Sweden!

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Hey guys! Man how the heck can i have missed this forum..

im 26 years old, been playing airsoft since i turned 18 but
i bought my first gun when i was 16.. got bought myself a
2nd hand broken Classic army M16A2 rifle.

so i've been messing around with the mechanical stuff in
AEG's for about 10 years hehe.

i still have the same gun i bought 10 years ago, it has however
undergone a couple of changes over the years hehe

It's nice to see a whole forum dedicated to the role i've been playing
all along!! SNIPER!

gotta love it..

Rock on and i must say, GREAT forum! loads of info and the stuff that
some of you guys have buildt is just amazing, great inspiration!

ill start a project-thread about the SR16 in a while, it's in peices now
undergoing yet another massive rebuild =)

Take care and i look forward to nerding around with you guys =) :cheers:
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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