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Hello everybody im new to this forum and read that you have to make a intro post before I can post anywhere else, so here we go.

My name is Vlad, short for Vladislav. I am 19 years of age and currently employed as a apprentice. Moved to the United States when i was eight years old, currently live in South west Washington.

I started to play airsoft almost a year ago, I currently own two guns Echo1 XCR-C and a Elite force 1911 TAC. Recently gave both of them a paint job. I gave the 1911 a post-apocalyptic look and the XCR hexagon camo.
Yes unfortunately i currently don't own a sniper but i plan to change that in a couple of months. Very interested in the VSR 10 platform. Planning to buy a JG bar-10 around March maybe? Will be fully customizing it :)

I have a question though, I will be getting a custom made stock for it and im not sure if the gun is a Remington or a Mauser etc. when I'll be ordering the stock the company needs to know where to drill the holes, if someone can tell me what real gun does the Jg bar-10 replicate I would really appreciate it :)

Also if anyone could recommend a ghillie hood that's cheaper than the viper ones that would also be great.
My other hobbies are quadcopter flying, gaming, photography, aquariums, snowboarding, and videography.

Here are some pictures of my guns :) imgur: the simple image sharer

If anyone lives in the Portland OR area and goes airsoft let me know, currently none of my friends have airsoft guns so I usually go alone :/

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Hello there and welcome to the forum! :) Hope you have a good one here! ^^

Always nice to have new guys joining our online community. :)

Just a little note regarding terms:

Sniper = the person who fires the gun

Sniper rifle = the tool the person (Sniper) uses to engage targets with

There's a slight difference so be aware when choosing the right one for your text. ;)


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The VSR-10 is a mostly proportional replica of the Remington Model 700 Short Action. Be aware, the front receiver mount lug is not properly spaced, and the magazine position will be completely incorrect if you opt to buy a stock specifically for the Model 700 SA as mentioned above. It isn't terribly difficult to modify such a stock to fit the VSR, but do be aware of the cut and configuration, as the VSR has a very heavy contour on the barrel (no taper at all on the G-spec) and a stock meant for a sporting rifle with a light contour may not offer adequate side clearance to accept it.

One other thing to consider is an adequately DEEP stock, as the VSR magazine will stick out of the bottom on the more lightly built, shallower stocks. Make sure you have ample room for this, please feel free to contact me if you'd like some help with this.

Best regards, and welcome to the forums!

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Another Northwesterner eh? You and I may have swapped plastic possibly...... I live about 45 minutes east of portland but attend the fields to the south of the metro area.

Glad to see another one joining our community!

So this is where I change the signature......
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