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Greetings from the Philippines

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name: Voltaire Domingo
callsign: Voltz
forum nick: vasilizaitsev

I come from the South East Asian nation of the Philippines, in the capital Manila, in Quezon City, and I have been in the hobby for around 2 years already. I never really had a short gun, as I always played the DM role or sniper support man. I have kept, an m16, a g3sg1, an m14 and recently, i acquired a warrior 1 L96. Im looking to learn more about sniping since I will be taking over my buddies role as sniper, since he wont be playing as much due to workload.

I also keep exotic pets as another hobby of mine, mostly small ones like tarantulas, scorpions and hedgehogs. I also keep aquatic pets such as arowanas, and cichlids.

I currently dont have a ghille suit and i make do with the surroundings for disguise and cover.

My L96 currently fires at around 550fps on EdGI upgrades.
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Thanks, Sir Silent and Sir Woogie!

The place where I usually play in is a jungle site. Its a watershed actually.

I sure am learning from what I have been reading here. :)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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