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Greetings From the Philippines

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Hey Guys, im Rene aka TOPHATTERS or KULTABASHI in some boards. Im from the Philippines.

Ive been into airsoft for some time now, around 5 years already, and ive been playing the sniper role for around 4. I use a VSR10 or a VSR10 GSPEC mainly, and a CAm15 - SPR (SAMR) when playing DM at times. But i perfer my springgers. Ill post pictures in the Gallery a little later.

I augment my camo with my own recon ghillie suit wich i feel naked when playing with out it.

Anyway, ill be hanging out here everynow and then...
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Welcome to the community, we hope you enjoy your stay. Take a look at the forum rules real quick and I'm sure you'll be able to tap into the wealth of information available to you.
Thanks alot embed! So far so good! lots to learn here.
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