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Hi all! I'm from the US, and I joined this forum to get some feedback/advice and learn some new things about airsoft sniping. I've played airsoft on and off for about 15/16 years now, but I'm finally getting into high-end sniping. I have a SRSa2 covert as my rifle, and a tm g18 aep as my primary sidearm (one of the things im going to go ask in the pistol section of the forums is if I'm better off upgrading this or investing in a mk23 to suit my side arm requirements). I also have an ICS sportline m4 Pistol that I plan to use as a secondary when I know I'm going to be in a lot of close quarters environments, or when I don't need stealth/mobility.

Only bolt action sniping experience before this was a UTG l96(which I did enjoy a lot; it's just my TM m16 almost had the same range and it had semi/full auto).
I mainly have played with AEGs in my airsoft career otherwise. So I'm looking forward to exploring and improving at the sniper/marksman playstyle!
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