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Hello everyone, my name is Eli and I am....<sniff sniff>... a gun whore. Wow it does get easier once you admit it. Anyway, I am from TN, I have played airsoft for about 7 years and paintball for several before that.

I currently have more guns than I can usually remember, at least one of which is always "in process". The most recent one is nearing completion and my quest for the next one led me here. I am currently debating on building up a Tanaka M-24, a TM PSG-1,
a CA33/something else hybrid or finally fixing the Top M-60.

Just about the only thing I haven't done in airsoft is sniping so please forgive me if I say something noobish at times. You guys have an amazing forum and I hope I can be a productive member of it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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