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Hey There,

Found out about this forum just recently so I thought I'd better get signed up as sniping/DMR is about all I do in airsoft. So a big hello to everyone; looking forward to meeting you all here and on the field.

Name: Jordon

Callsign: Maverick

Experience: 6 Years US Army, Including Military Police And US Army Sniper training; with deployments to Iraq. (Now Out Of The Military) Been involved with Airsoft since 2003.

- KJW M700 Takedown Model
- CA M24 Fluted Barrel
- CA SR-25 DMR

- Have several ghillie suits, all hand-made (8-10 currently) for varying terrains, climates, and situations.

Other Hobbies: Guitar, Gaming, Building, More Airsoft.

Residence: Michigan

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Welcome! Glad to see you on these forums. I see you have alot of ghillies. Do you have any for a winter/snow terrain? I love pictures of these kind of ghillies. I plan to make one this winter myself, and could use some inspiration.
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