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Hello everybody,

My name is Michael, call-sign: Sparrow. I'm 21.

Ive been playing airsoft for five years, two years as a sniper.

ARSENAL : KWA USP Compact Metal Gas Blowback NS2, Echo 1 ASR ( Upgraded ) , Ares M4A1 ( Upgraded ) , and a JG Bar 10 :)

Concealment : I have a ghillie suit that I purchased off a website for 300 dollars, then touched it up my self :) ( It is a poncho - I like the movement in the legs )

I have many hobbies and perform in MMA Championships, I have been taking martial arts since I was two ( my old man was wanted a trophy child I guess ) :) I do/did MMA, Kick Boxing, Canadian Street Fighting, Boxing, Krav Maga, and Akidio :)

I was born in Belliville New Jersey, and raised in Nutley New Jersey :)

Thank you for your time, , and its going to be a great pleasure meeting you all! Cheers!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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