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Hello everyone! Just thought id pop in and introduce myself. Iv been playing for a few years now, started with an Echo1 P90 but i always loved precision shooting and sniping, then finally got in the market for a sniper rifle and the Echo1 gun had treated me well but at the time i found a UTG Master Sniper for a really good price and ended up using it for a long while but recently i got myself an Echo1 M28 and iv been using that since.

I live in north Texas and stumbled upon this site just looking around the internet and figured id sign up! Looks like an awesome site for information and I'm always looking to learn more tricks of the trade, just browsing some of the threads i can already tell I'm going to like it here!

Good to meet you all!
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Welcome to the forum. Please clean up your posts a little bit and capitalize those "I"s.

Other than that, glad to have you with us and enjoy your stay.
Thanks! Glad to be here, I'll watch my post a bit more closely from now on. ;)
Thanks, also awesome Ghillie Suite guide pvt13. I tried my hand at making one awhile back but it just didn't go well, might end up trying again after reading your guide.
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