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Hey, I'm Star_folder.

I've been playing airsoft for 5 years and have been working on guns for 4. I've been my team's DM for 3 years and never looked back.

I currently own 3 replicas.

The newest to my collection is a TM P90, it's 5-6 years old I believe, as I received it in a trade. Currently it's my CQB primary, nothing all that special about it.

Second is my G&G FN2000. This rifle is special as it is one of the very few FN2000 to not receive any trades, and hit the states before cybergun got their hands on it. Though all that means is it has no trades and I had it before most people. It is set up as my assault rifle, though it is soon to under go a very heavy modification. I'm hopefully going to use it to crack 100rps, we'll have to wait and see.

Lastly is my pride and joy, a G&G L85A2. This is my DMR and has been for the 3 years I've had it. Currently it is the most accurate and has the most range of any other DMR in South Carolina, where I play. I'm able to nail body sized targets at 400ft, though my furthest kill so far is a hair less than 300ft.

As for a rig, I have a battle belt and h-harness, triple m4 mag pouch, hydration carrier, two radios+headsets, holster(soon to be admin pouch), Bitterend mesh goggles, and a $15 Evike mesh lower. I and the rest of my team wear MARPAT or Woodland Digital.

I think that's about it. I'll put a picture thread up soon to show off my pride and joy.
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Kidding but I would like to see a picture of an l85 dmr, Something I've never seen.

Also you should do a pic or video of groupings at 400ft as a lot of people won't believe that, I am not being rude it's just an impressive feat that is very hard to get so I'm sure showing it will get people excited.

Also to get this range I am sure you have a very high fps set up. If so I am wondering if you use AJAX customs gearbox reinforcement. It basically braces the gearbox against the guns body so the gearbox shell is impossible to explode.
I do not actually have a picture or video of my groupings at 400ft, and I know it's something pretty hard to believe. Once I'm at a range with 400ft, I'll be sure to set up targets and start snapping pictures for proof.

And yes, I am pushing some pretty high power levels. I didn't mention them because of the rule of discussion of "hot" guns, and my L85 does fall into the forum's definition, even though it is a field legal gun where I play. Though, it is right on the edge. I simply use a piece of 70D sorbo padding to protect my gearbox, It has held up for several thousand rounds without deforming or messing up the AoE of the gun.

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Sorry for my french everyone but that is f***ing' sexy. Like wow, original. How loud is she? Also as long as you can use it in a field I am sure you can mention the fps. It is just guns that are shooting like 800fps that aren't allowed I think. So what is the FPS?
Also what kind of motor are you running as well as gears and piston? Oh and What bb's do ya use? Sorry for all the questions I just automatically love this gun.

MOAR PICS IN GALLERY THREAD NAO! Post up pics whenever you feel like it cause I can't get enough of this gun! Lol

EDIT: Re read the rules, I am pretty sure it is more boasting rights, as long as you have a large MED etc. and are responsible I am sure Fuzzy etc. won't mind you telling me your FPS. If that is still a problem for you though please PM me as I am extremely interested even if I can't raise the funds or have the legality of building a gun like this.

I talk too much.
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lol Here you go:

I believe I answered all your questions, but feel free to ask if there's something I haven't answered. Besides, it's always nice to have your work appreciated.
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Welcome to the mad house Star.

Glad to see you have made it over here to the mad house. Hope that you can make this a home, and hope we can learn some of your "tricks"

Again welcome and enjoy the time spent here!
lol, mad house, learning from me, you're funny.

So far, I'm liking it here.
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Welcome aboard Star, glad you are liking it here. We could always use some more people of your expertise. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. ;) While I am not an AEG guy, I am always quite interested to see others builds.
starfolder said:
lol, mad house, learning from me, you're funny.

So far, I'm liking it here.
You'll meet some of the most experienced and funniest players here.
Hey Welcome Star.
If I remember correctly Star is from Airsoft Forum and knows a bit about the Flat Hopup and R-Hop.

Welcome and I am looking forward to your expertise and enjoy your stay.

BTW that gun looks great!
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