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Hi, my name's Nathan and I live in Florida... I have been playing airsoft for about 3-4 years now.

I have gotten bored with AEG's and since moved on to GBBs. I consider myself fairly proficient in internal work on Gas blow backs. looking for a new gun design I turned to sniper rifles... When I play I am always much more cautious and take my time more than the other people I play with. I dont foucus on kills as much as staying "alive"... so I think sniping would be pretty fun for me:)

Anywho these are the guns I currently own:
WE M1911
G&G FS51

Some camo I have:
US woodland

When I start sniping I would like to make some sort of Ghille...

I like to go shooting alot and build 1:35 scale military models (WW2 era) I am also very interested in computer engineering.

I just purchased a JG BAR-10 and I plan to have lots of fun with it:) I plan to upgrade it as well.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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