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Hey, I'm l2c. I recently bought the ASG AW and the ASG (KWA) MP9, after many years of only owning springer pistols.
I have no intention of doing wargames, just in it for collecting and backyard fun. Right now I'm "gathering" the bits and pieces to make the AW awesome.
Going for 3-9x40 scope, harris bipod (copy), and a laser on the scope.
If I get a barrel adapter, I'll add a barrel extension.
Yeah, so, hi ^^
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I have a laser on the mp9 aswell, just want one on the AW for looks ^^ I'm getting the bits and bobs off of ebay, instead of my local airsoftshop, so it's not that expensive getting a laser for both :)
And I would try games, but not sure if there are any nearby, plus I'm not physically fit at the moment to attend them :p
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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