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Hello fellow airsofters. My name is Scott and I come from a little suburb south of Chicago. I used to play with cheapo wal-mart springers in my back yard...that was 2 years ago. My friends had gotten very serious about airsoft last summer and I had played with them near the end of this year (borrowing one of their AEG's). I had fun with the AEG but i really wanted to try the sniper role. Next game I tried it and loved being a sniper. I was not using my own rifle at the time until I found an amazing deal that couldn't be passed up. A TM VSR for $115. It also came with Laylax sears, a spring guide stopper and a sling. My friends don't airsoft during winter so at the moment I am focused on improving my rifle. I hope to have my rifle shooting around 420 with the .29 SGM's that I bought. Hopefully the internals that i receive for Christmas will get me there. I got some muticam pants for my birthday and I'm hoping to make a torso ghillie in the coming months.

Another hobby of mine is playing the drums and percussion.

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